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Life Expectancy
Life Expectancy for Life Care Planners
- Kush S (2013)

Life Expectancy - Health Cost Management Newsletter
- Kush S (2009)

United States Life Tables
- Arias (November 2014)

Vegetative State, Minimally Conscious State, and Locked-In Syndrome
Survival of persons with locked-in syndrome: A correction
- Shavelle RM, Strauss DJ, Katz RT (2008)

Life Expectancy. Brain Injury Medicine: Principles and Practice
- ND Zasler, DI Katz & RD Zafonte (Eds.) (2007)

Pediatric vegetative state: Epidemiological and clinical issues
- Ashwal S. (2004)

Impairment, activity, participation, life satisfaction, and survival in persons with locked-in syndrome for over a decade: Follow-up on a previously reported cohort
- Doble JE, Haig AJ, Anderson C, Katz R (2003)

Coronary Artery Disease
Long-term survival of medically treated patients in the Coronary Artery Surgery Study (CASS) Registry
- M Emond, MB Mock, KB Davis, LD Fisher, et al. (1994)

Survival of medically treated patients in the coronary artery surgery study (CASS) registry
- MB Mock, I Ringqvist, LD Fisher, KB Davis, BR Chaitman, NT Kouchoukos, et al. (1982)

Overweight, Obesity, and Mortality from Cancer in a Prospectively Studied Cohort of U.S. Adults
- EE Calle, C Rodriguez, K Walker-Thurmond, MJ Thun (2003)

Body-Mass Index and Mortality in a Prospective Cohort of U.S. Adults
- EE Calle, MJ Thun, JM Petrelli, CW Heath (1999)

Diabetes Mellitus and Life Insurance
- Anthony F. Milano, MD MPH (2001)

Diabetes mellitus, coronary heart disease incidence, and death from all causes in African American and European American women - The NHANES I Epidemiologic Follow-up Study
- RF Gillum, ME Mussolino, JH Madans (2000)

Mental Disorder
Excess mortality of mental disorder
- EC Harris, B Barraclough (1998)

Life expectancies for individuals with psychiatric diagnoses
- H Hannerz, P Borga, M Borritz (2001)

Down Syndrome
Mortality and causes of death in persons with Down syndrome in California
- Day SM (2009)

Mortality of people with mental retardation in California with and without Down syndrome, 1986-1991
- Strauss DJ (1996)

Behavioral capabilities and mortality risk in adults with and without Down syndrome
- Zigman WB (1996)

Comparative mortality in mentally retarded patients in California, with and without Down's syndrome 1986-1991
- Singer RB (1997)

Factors predicting mortality in midlife adults with and without Down syndrome living with family
- Esbensen AJ (2007)

A lower risk of dying from urological cancer in Down Syndrome: Clue for Cancer Protecting Genes on Chromosome 21
- Satge D (2007)